Search campaign contribution to revenue & campaign health

About This Project

The goal with the project is to implement data driven decision making for an e-commerce store. A part of that is to set up a solid foundation for tracking the channels and connect those with respective channel part of total revenue. Paid advertising, organic, direct and so on.

Our contribution has been to connect the channels to the actual revenue respective channel generate. This has been done in Google Analytics and Google Ads.

First audit of account implementation. Second adjust to correct structure and configuration. Third is reporting based on business goals.

Now the customer can measure how much for instance a branding campaign on Google Ads Display network generate in revenue, if it is profitable and discover bottlenecks in the conversion path.

This example report made visualize statistics and revenue from a specific paid search campaign. The report has blended data from:

– Google Ad

– Google Analytics e-commerce

– Google Analytics advanced segment for paid search revenue for a specific campaign.

The report show how the campaign contribute to the business goal and the health condition for the campaign. The report can easily be shared and updated in real time.